St. Patrick’s Day parade, Montreal, 1836

A media account of the parade from 1836

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This is how the St. Patrick’s Day parade looked in the nineteenth-century.  There were no clowns, no animals, no drinking, etc.  A lot more sedate, but quite a large crowd anyway.


Montreal Gazette

17 March 1836


The pleasing anticipations which have been formed of a propitious morning for the festival of St. Patrick, were most woefully disappointed by a fall of snow which commenced at about six o’clock, and at the time, we are writing, it continues with unabated vigour.  This did not dampen the ardour of the sons of the Emerald Isle (what can?) to do justice and honor to the patron saint, and long before the time appointed, a large concourse had assembled at the Albion Hotel.  The other National Societies met at their separate apartments and proceeded to the place of meeting and when united, formed a most imposing and numerous procession.  At about twenty…

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