UIS Welcomes New President

This past Sunday the United Irish Societies thanked outgoing president Danny Doyle for devoting, in particular, two years to the organization as its president. Until you’ve sat in the president’s chair you really don’t fully understand the pressures. I do believe Danny has continued to solidify the organization’s foundations for years to come.

As the organization thanked Danny, a new president was preparing to assume the position when, for the first time in over fifty years, an Irish born person takes the lead position.

Born and raised in Ballina, Count Mayo, Ireland Paul Loftus settled in Canada in 1971. With an extensive educational background, Paul is a licensed Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who conducts training seminars. He is also a well known speaker, and has spoken at conferences throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Paul very quickly became involved in Montreal’s Irish community. In the mid 1970s Paul served as a delegate to the United Irish Societies from the Montreal Irish Rugby Football Club. He has participated in the community in various other capacities, including as President and co-founder of the Ireland-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Director of the St. Patrick Society, former Captain of the Montreal Shamrocks Gaelic Football Team, former President, Vice President – Entertainment, and player with the Montreal Irish Rugby Football Club, and numerous others.

The last Irish born president of the United Irish Societies of Montreal was noted Historian John J. Kenny. Born in Co. Clare in 1906, Kenny served as president in 1963 & 1964. He went on to serve as the organization’s Historian from at least 1967 through 1977, when he passed away, leaving the organization with a wealth of information and interesting documents from that era in the archives.

I wish Paul and his Elected Executive much success over the upcoming year.

Ken Quinn, Historian