Participating Parishes in the Parade

One of my colleagues on the Executive Committee recently asked me for a list of parishes that participated in the parade years ago. From the beginnings of the United Irish Societies of Montreal, the Catholic Church in Montreal has played an important role in the success of Montreal’s iconic St. Patrick’s Parade. Although our records are sparse in the early years, there is evidence that the Catholic Parishes participated. On March 22, 1929 Rev. D.J. McDougald from St. Ann’s Parish in a letter to John Loye writes “I never had the slightest apprehension of it being a failure. The floats were excellent.” On March 26, 1929 Rev. O’Brien from St. Anthony’s Parish writes “In the name of the Parish I also thank you for aiding us in perfecting the design of the floats”, which implies the Parish’s participation. Continue reading Participating Parishes in the Parade


Much Work Ahead

Over the weekend I collected the Historian’s files from my good friend Don Pidgeon, who did a fantastic job maintaining and augmenting our archives from 1991 to the present. There are letters, photos, documents, newspaper clippings, and more dating back as far as 1929. I even found a letter of condolence written by John Loye¬†to my great aunt Elizabeth O’Brien on the occasion of the death in 1947 of my great uncle Patrick Quinn, who was the organization’s treasurer and 1946 Grand Marshal.

There are so many documents and other items of historical significance I think I am going to build a little database to document precisely what we have. It will eventually make life easier when searching for information, that’s for sure, and will help us inventory precisely what we have.

Ken Quinn, Historian